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Maxbend bend geometry and configuration is set to revolutionise the wear characteristics in slurry bends and pipe work.

Maxbend technology provides dispersion of solid materials transported in a liquid or pneumatic stream, this results in a major reduction in solids impact and abrasion wear on slurry line elbows.

Having addressed the cause of excess wear in slurry line bends and providing an optimised design Maxbend can counteract the costly effects of transporting high wear slurries through pipes.

Maxbend achieves better wear life without causing pressure issues to the system or additional turbulence, this allows Maxbend to be used in a variety of slurry transport duties.

Maxbend can be installed in any pipe or transportation conduit specification. Any schedule or class of pipe conduit can be applied to suit the required duty, Maxbend can be manufactured from any material suitable to the process some include: Carbon steel, HDPE, Ceramic and Titanium. Linings or hard facing can also be applied.

Maxbend can be retrofitted to existing lines or installed in new systems. The potential applications for Maxbend technology throughout industries involved in the transportation of solids are many and varied some include: tailings systems, classification circuits, waste treatment, concentrate pumping and oil & gas.

Maxbend can also assist in many everyday production improvements by increasing the efficiency of systems such as: strainer inlet conditioning, flocculent and additives injection, primary separation splitters and cyclone inlet conditioning.

Maxbend technology has the potential to provide significant benefits to your process by:

  • Decreasing operating costs.
  • Decreasing maintenance costs and time.
  • Increasing production due to reduced Pressure drop and better plant availability.

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